If you are looking to book, please email me:

Please include all five of the following things in your email:
1)  image references
2) placement
3)  size in inches
4)  other tattoos we are working around
5)  budget
After we finalize the details of your tattoo and you have paid your deposit I will let you know how much time to book and you can book
 by hitting the "BOOK" button at the bottom of this page. You can also peek at my current availability ahead of time.

Thank you!

We will need the child's birth certificate, State ID, the legal parent or guardian will need to be present with their State ID and we will need a Parental Consent form filled out and notarized. We have a notary on site for an additional $5.
P L E A S E   O N L Y   B O O K   A F T E R   Y O U   H A V E   P A I D   D E P O S I T 

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